Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Goggle - Graphic Amber
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Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Goggle - Graphic Amber

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Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Goggle - Graphic Amber
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VIO Lens System - Fast and Safe
The VIO lens system designed by Virtue Paintball for the VIO combines one of the fastest lens changes in paintball with unique safety features found no where else in the industry.

The VIO lens retention system is based upon clips housed in the hinge clips, where the goggle strap and ear pieces secure. The player simply pinches the strap clip and tugs lightly on the strap to release the lens. When this process is completed the VIO will display a red indicator showing that the lens mechanism is released and the lens can be removed. When installing the lens the player uses this red tab to finalize the installation procedure. This ensures a safe and solid engagement and makes the process easy without having to remove your playing gloves.

Virtue ships the VIO with a padded and integrated chin strap and is compliant with all safety standards. The chin strap can be removed by the customer without tools or modification, as it is secured by velcro to the hinge lock. Virtue is the only manufacturer to utilize this easy method for removing the chin strap, no tools or cutting is necessary.

VIO Profile - Tight and Comfortable
Virtue has designed VIO's profile to be tight and comfortable by careful design and selection of build materials.
Virtues' foam for the goggle is dual density, meaning there is soft foam close to your skin and more dense foam closer to the VIO goggle frame. The VIO's foam is mounted on a low profile frame that is easily removed for washing or replacement. This type of modular construction means that the VIO can be maintained in ways that other goggles cannot. Being able to separate VIO's foam front he goggle frame means you can keep it clean and dry when not on the field increasing its usable life, and when its old replace it with little effort.

The face mask portion of the VIO goggle is modular and can be easily swapped for fashion or maintenance. The face mask itself is heavily vented with careful consideration to sound and air transmission. VIO's face mask is made from a dual compound structure to provide flex for comfort and bounces and rigidity for safety. This dual compound structure allows Virtue to offer 30 face mask color ways allowing you to customize your VIO in ways you could never before. Virtue will be constantly releasing new and custom versions of the individual components meaning you never have to wait for next season to freshen up your VIO's appearance.

VIO on the field
Virtue has built the VIO to meet the desires of the most demanding player, considering the most important factors - vision, sound, breath and comfort.

Vision - The VIO's lens is 100% UV resistant to protect the players eyes. Dozens of styles mean you can have the one that fits your fashion or your tactical needs. The customizer allows you to purchase the lens you want from the factory - get what you want and need, nothing else.

Sound - The VIO's face mask and ear protection system are designed to allow the player to communicate as well as they would off the field. The outboard mounting of the ear protection allows maximum space for the players ears no matter where they are on your head. The ventilation on the ear protection and face mask assure distortion free sound transmission

Comfort - The VIO's entire design concept was a no-compromise approach to bringing Virtue Paintballs ultimate goggle to market. The wide variety of materials and development methods have rendered one of the most heavily engineered paintball goggles to date.

Key Features:
  • Hinge Lockā„¢ quick change lens.
  • Low profile without sacrificing coverage.
  • Dual material facemask
  • Combines soft and hard materials for protection and comfort
  • High density soft foam ear pads.
  • Ventilates and breathes easier.
  • Transmits voice better.
  • Light weight and comfortable.
  • Removable multi-layer eye foam.
  • Large lens with increased field of view.
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • Snap On removable goggle strap & ear pads.
  • Easily interchangeable face mask.
  • Available in 12 stock colorways
  • Available with 30 facemask colorways
  • Scratch-Resistant lens coatings
  • Anti-fog Dual Pane thermal lens
  • Advanced Chromatic lenses available
  • Custom Personalization Program available with thousands of possibilities.
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